Affärslogik helps companies find their way home

Our job is about getting people to feel at home at work. Starting with the organization’s objectives and listening to the needs of the employees, we create an attractive workplace step by step with the solid foundation needed to strengthen the corporate culture and employer brand. No assignments are to big och small for us to take on, always making sure to provide ongoing feedback during the project. Because pleasant surprises are more fun.

Regardless of whether our job is to adapt new or existing premises to your operations, the project will be more cost-effective if we participate in the planning from an early stage. We know the smart hacks and our collective experience contributes to a realistic budget and time frame, well as a smooth process that allows you to spend more time on your core business.

An optimized range of interlinked services

Our services are developed for delivering maximum benefit. As Tenant Representation we plan, execute, give feedback, and take responsibility for your projects until you have a workplace tailored to your operations.

  • Office premises search
  • Lease negotiation
  • Budget
  • Timetable
  • Construction
  • Working Environment & Interior design
  • Technology
  • Security
  • Logistics & Relocation
  • Organisation
Even small changes can be really time consuming